Product Refund Page

I personally guarantee* the products I recommend and will refund only those orders I can verify as being purchased from my affiliate links.

*If you requested a refund and the original seller refused to refund you within their refund period. (Usually anywhere between 7 to 60 days)

*If the product isn’t everything I say it is, and if for any reason you don’t receive your money back from the original seller within their guarantee time frame (usually anywhere between 7 to 60 days), I will refund you the amount. Although if you are trying to scam the company through nefarious methods, illegal then I will not refund a dishonest transaction. I must be able to verify that you purchased the product using my affiliate link that I received a commission.  If any field is not filled out correctly then I am not responsible for a refund. If you did not request a refund from the original seller then we will not refund you. We will check for fraud and if we deem that fraud was a factor then any refund would be forfeit If I cannot verify that you purchased from my affiliate links then I cannot refund your purchase.

*Refunds will take between 14-60 days, and we refund only using PayPal.

Fill out the below form for a refund request:
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