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Open Source, CC0, Trials, or Public Domain

Public Domain Tip: Be very cautious when an image or picture has people in the picture. If a photo shows an identifiable person in the image, that person may have rights to privacy that’s provided by his/her country. You’re responsible for making sure that you use a public domain photo in lawful and ethical ways.

Wikipedia Public Domain:

Public Domain Pictures: Over 300,000 images.

Public Domain Day:

Gutenberg Project: over 100,000 books in the public domain.

Internet Archive: over 5,000,000 books online. They also have videos in their collections

Open Library: Over 1,000,000 books.

Bri-Cad: Could this program possibly replace AutoCAD?

7-Zip: compression and decompression tool to zip and unzip files. I have used 7-zip for years and the software works well.

Amrock: Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux, Unix, and Windows with an intuitive interface.

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