Resources and News April 2020

The FTC’s influencer endorsement guidelines may soon become binding

The Federal Trade Commission may be increasing the severity and scope of its responses to misinformation and paid influencer ads that present themselves as organic content.

How does word count affect your SEO?

Word count itself likely isn’t a ranking factor, but it may directly impact other ranking factors.

Facebook’s latest app tries to beat Pinterest at its own game

This may be why Google recently announced an update to its Collections tool Hobbi, which looks quite similar to the Pinterest app.

TechCrunch notes that “Hobbi takes obvious cues from Pinterest” and that it “is more like an editor and organizer than any sort of new social network.”

Google makes it easier to hide content and check third-party reporting

Google just launched three new removal tools that should help website owners quickly remove outdated and irrelevant content from their sites and gain some visibility on how third parties are reporting their content.

TikTok competitor Byte launches and gains steam

TikTok has a new competitor in town. Byte, a micro-video app, and successor to Vine, recently launched in both Apple and Android app stores. Byte hasn’t made any formal announcement surrounding advertising yet, but founder Dom Hofmann has mentioned that the app plans to put an early focus on helping content creators make money.

Verizon enters the search engine market with privacy-focused OneSearch

With such strong competition in the search engine market, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that Verizon Media has launched OneSearch.

So, what makes OneSearch different?

Privacy: OneSearch promises not to track, store, or share personal or search data with advertisers, which puts it in direct competition with DuckDuckGo. It’s available now on desktop and mobile at

5 Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Post regularly — post every day, or at least close to it.

Be authentic — use your voice to speak to your audience, not some robotic company voice.

Use pictures — a great visual will increase your likelihood of shares and likes.

Ask questions — listen for the response and reply.

Contests — offer rewards for those who share and like your posts. People like free stuff.

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand on YouTube

YouTube is not just the largest video sharing platform – it’s also a social network. Here are 5 ways to boost your brand, get more followers and make your followers more loyal:

  • Commit to a regular post schedule
  • Let subscribers know if you’re taking a break
  • Always add a call to action
  • Actively respond and interact with subscribers
  • Get the free version of vidIQ to get more views on YouTube



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