If you want to copy a share code from someone who spent time and money crating there own unique share code that included a funnel, lead capture page, sales pages, email campaign or anything. You will need to get permission from the owner of there creation or you could run the risk of some serious consequences which could Include legal action or least of all being kicked out of the Power Lead System.

Here is a direct quote from an owner of a share code in the Power Lead System:

“Someone asked this question so I am gong to address it.

“Can we copy the funnel or any of the pages within so we can add our own video and brand ourselves?”

No! We didn’t spend all the money and time to have some copy intellectual property for free! I’m all about you branding yourself but create your own funnel and system based in your own ideas and concepts.

Anyone caught copying these pages will have them deleted by Neil Guess who owns PLS and you will be banned and blocked from this group for life.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but I spent a lot of money in the code and then getting it integrated into PLS when nobody including Neil thought it could be done inside their platform.

If you want to create your own and you need help I am happy to help you create one and give you some ideas to get it done and even hook you up with my team to get it built but please don’t disrespect us and all our efforts, time and money and steal what we have created by copying it and making it your own.

Hope everyone understands this. I protect my creations at all cost because the more someone sees something similar the less it converts.”

So think twice about it and don’t.


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