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Power Leads System (PLS) is a platform that offers automated advertising and marketing, which includes done for your sales funnels and email marketing campaigns. The tools in the Power Lead System can be used concurrently to acquire more leads and give you better engagement with customers. However, those also can be used to enhance your tribe!

PLS has created ready-made income funnels that can be used on your domains. These sales pages are ready to go with a practical layout and placements for textual content and pics. Users can use the funnel as is. However, funnels can be edited or tweaked to fit your branding and messaging.

Here are only three of the funnel pages that are in the Power Lead System; there are many more pages available as share codes and templates that are available.

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The PLS team provides sales funnels. However, PLS members also can submit their creations to their team when they create their share codes. If you have got an awesome template available, you could add that at the PLS account and provide a share code that others can replica and paste in their Power Lead System back office.

For the ones who’ve advertising and affiliate teams, you can send them the share code of your sales funnel. If you want uniformity with your team, then a share code will provide your team with the funnels they need.

Now you don’t need to create emails for each of your team members, but you can create one email campaign that will work for all your team members. PLS also has an automatic email marketing function wherein you could create an email list (a listing of the email addresses of your group) and label it as your “Team.” You can then send an email broadcast with only a few clicks.

To send an email to your team list, just hover over the “Email/Text” menu of your PLS account. From there, you can click “Send Campaigns” and create an email for your team. Don’t forget to fill in the necessary subject line and content for the email. Of course, make sure you have copied the correct share code of your sales funnel in the email content. You can save this particular email as a campaign, so whenever you have new team members, you can simply retrieve it and send it to the new list of email addresses.

Aside from that, you could training videos to your team. You can create a series of campaigns and have them scheduled to be sent weekly. Through this, you’ll be positive that your team will be receiving regular training. All you have to do is to follow up with your team.

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