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When you devote some time to building your business on LinkedIn it will become your favorite social network. I have to warn you if you’re addicted to being on Facebook you’ll find LinkedIn to be even more addicting.

Facebook is good but LinkedIn is exponentially better. LinkedIn is certainly better than Instagram, better than YouTube, and better than Twitter.

Join Max Steingart in his up and coming Boot Camp and receive a huge discount using a special coupon that is good for the Summer months.

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To register for the Boot Camp go to https://maxsteingart.com/bootcamps.html BUT use this…

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Another promotion is for the Retreat Combo that is found at https://maxsteingart.com/retreatcombo This is for the Summer retreat and combines a Boot Camp and the eBook “90 Day Game Plan.” This promo ends very soon for the Summer, but here is a secret, if you use that link about a month after the Summer retreat you would be able to get the Fall retreat. So, keep this link under your hat for the next Retreat Combo. I cannot say what the pricing would be for the next Retreat Combo but for the Summer Retreat the combo is just $297.00

The information you receive from Max Steingart is incredible since his coaching gives you secrets to getting free leads and how you can turn those leads into one, two, or three people a week enrolling into your business. Think of how that would affect your business over a period of a month, three months, and a year.

I would suggest going to Max’s training and then start profiting like no tomorrow.

Free training from Max Steingart.

There are three types of webinars that are offered each week.

The first is Live Webinars held Monday to Saturday and on Wednesday there is a Special Webinar plus Sunday has a webinar “Free Training Sunday.”

You can register for these webinars and training at https://maxsteingart.com/webinars/cal.html

* – The price of the Boot Camp includes 1 month of 4 live training sessions along with resources. You will have access to the Boot Camp and resources for a period of one year.


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