Wouldn’t it be fantastic to leverage vast amounts of traffic from Amazon to build a targeted email list for you?

Amazon has the world’s most significant product search engine, there are over 304 million users who are active and buying, they have over 192 million monthly UNIQUE visitors, and with BILLIONS of sales made every year.

The key to building your list as fast as possible through Amazon is to publish FREE content. Just imagine thousands of people downloading your content for free, and then opting in to your list to get MORE great content.

What’s that?

Do you think you can’t publish free content on Amazon?

If you listen to Amazon, you’re right. They’re going to tell you no, you can’t publish for free, and you have to charge a minimum of 99 cents for your content in Kindle form.

However, that’s not the whole story. If you know the secret, you can reach Amazon’s massive audience quickly and easily for free.

And you don’t need to be a professional author, either, to do this.

You’re going to publish a book that is permanently free. Yes, forever free.

It can be non-fiction, it can be checklists, templates, lists of resources or tools, or a regular non-fiction book filled with great content. You decide.

Once you have your content ready to go, you’re going to place an advertisement inside your book. This advertisement will be hyperlinked to a lead capture page with a lead magnet.

When the viewer clicks on the ad, they are taken to the lead capture page.

Duplicate this ad and place it in your book twice – once at the beginning and once at the end.

Your next step is to head over to Amazon and publish your book for 99 cents.

So far, this all sounds pretty standard.

Hold on to your hat, because here’s where it gets weird.

Go to Draft2Digital.com and publish your book there, too. Just upload your book as a Word doc, and they do all the formatting.

List your book as free and pick your platforms: Apple, B&N, etc.

But, do NOT USE the Kindle publishing option.

Here’s the key – are you ready?

Once you’ve published to Draft2Digital, you’re going to go back to your Amazon KDP dashboard and ask Amazon to price match your book.

Once Amazon does this, your book will be FREE on Amazon.

Ha! And it wasn’t even hard to do, was it? The entire process was pretty darn easy.

Now that your book is FREE on Amazon, you should begin making ‘sales.’

After all, who doesn’t want your great book (it is excellent, right?) for free?

You’re now going to tap into the massive traffic and buyers of these publishing platforms, like Amazon, Apple, Scribd, etc.

You’re going to let them do all of the work of getting eyes on your content.

Which then brings those folks to your squeeze page, where you sign them up to get MORE great content like the free book they just got.

And don’t forget to put a low-end offer after the free opt-in. Charge $7 for an awesome content upgrade, and you’ll be building your list AND making money with NO advertising cost.

Plus, you’re beginning to build your list of paying customers, which is even BETTER than your ever-growing list of folks who read your book.

Using this method, you’ll get massive traffic, downloads, and oodles of subscribers from the world’s largest publishing platforms.

These are targeted subscribers and buyers, hungry for what you have to offer.

A few tips:

  • Spare no expense on your cover. On Amazon, the cover is crucial, even when your book is free.
  • Get the title RIGHT. The right title can quadruple downloads compared to the wrong title. If you’re not sure, test.
  • Provide AWESOME content in your free book.
  • Don’t make your free book have too much information in the book. The point is to impress them into wanting more. If your book is a hundred pages, they won’t want more because they probably won’t finish what you gave them.
  • Make sure your free offer makes sense about the free book. If they download a free book from Amazon on marketing via social media, then you might entice them with social media marketing checklists, or the top 10 social media mistakes, or the 7 most surprising secrets of million-dollar earners on social media. Do NOT offer them a book on basket weaving.
  • It’s okay to promote your free book if you want to, to get even more subscribers.
  • Track your results on Amazon. Since your book is free and contains excellent information, it may reach #1 in one or more categories. If it does, you can then promote it as a best seller, and call yourself a best-selling author. (Okay, you’re best giving away author, but why split hairs?)
  • Don’t stop at just one book. Different people are interested in various topics within your niche, so feel free to put several of these on Amazon, using the same method outlined above.
  • Treat your list well. Your list is your gold. Make them love you and turn them into loyal followers who purchase your stuff and say beautiful things about you in social media.
  • Have fun. Giving stuff away for free takes away a lot of the stress you might have if you were trying to sell it. So relax, have fun, and build your list.

Make it a goal to have your first free book on Amazon within 14 days and start building your list the free way.

Coming soon, my ebook for FREE: Money Secrets to Making $100 a Day.

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