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The world has become a tiny place; the internet has put the whole world easily within our grasp when it comes to commerce, this makes the internet a compelling place to do business and also makes it easier for you and I the small entrepreneurs to reach wider audiences.

Let’s shrink our world down a bit, to make it manageable for this article.

If we condensed the population of our planet to be just 100 people, the demographics would be something like this. 58 Asians, 20 Europeans, 15 Western Hemisphere, and 7 Africans.

Of them, probably about 53 would be female, 47 would be male. Twenty-eight would be caucasian, 72 other. Five people would possess around 61% of the world’s wealth. About 80 would live in average or substandard housing, around 27 would be able to read. There would be an almost even split 50/50 for starvation vs. obesity. One would be close to death; one would be recently born. Only one would have a university education. And only two would own a computer.

When you look at the world this condensed, the wars and disputes and disagreements all seem very petty don’t they, the needs for acceptance and understanding glare unblinking out at us.

Someone once said: What goes around comes around, work like you don’t need money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching and live like its heaven on Earth. With those figures, it seems all the more important to do so.

In the business marketplace, we as entrepreneurs are trying to make our mark, as an online marketer you are trying to reach that one person with a computer, I say one because if you’re online, you must be the other one.

That’s a bit of a scary thought, isn’t it? Just one person out there for you to sell to, how are you going to reach them, if you don’t already know who they are? The way for you to contact them is for you to partner and affiliate with as many of those other people you need to get to that one, surely one of them must know your target after all. Some of these people would be in your supply chain; others might be your partners; some may be in entirely unrelated fields and have lives that you would never usually be able to reach. But by partnering with the ones that you can, you can spread your reach further, you may only be able to reach tenth or the hundredth people out there, but each of them might be able to reach nine more.

Thankfully our world is slightly more significant, and you aren’t trying to find just one, but each one you can open the door for you to see another and another.