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If you have an animal shelter, what’s the best way to get more eyes on your critters and more people coming in the door to adopt?

When the shelter “Dallas Pets Alive” renamed their shelter dogs after some of the most searched and trending topics, they increased their chances of adoption—with pooches being named everything from Obamacare to Kim Kardashian’s Butt.

The push was promoted by a funny online film and a paid search campaign. The digital marketing campaign grew traffic to its website by a whopping 98% and increased adoptions year-on-year by 200%.

Give careful consideration when naming anything – your product, your website, your blogpost – anything.

Also, think of how you can tie your next blogpost or article to something in the news. You might get some search engine love, and you will certainly get more shares in social media and more eyeballs on your content.