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Video #1:

Video #2 (below this one), shows you an even simpler template to create from.

Creating a sales page (0:00)
Linking your button to your order page (FF to 5:07)
Creating/Linking your lead capture page to your sales page (FF to 9:34)
Copying your sales page to quickly create auto-responder video templates (FF to 13:21)
Creating clickable links from your emails to your video sales pages (FF to 16:18)

FF = Fast Forward


Video #2:

Creating ‘Sales Page # 1’ (0:00)
Finding and adding Youtube embed code (FF to 6:51)
How to copy & edit ‘Sales Page # 1’ to create ‘Money sales page’ (FF to 8:46)
How to connect ‘Money sales page’ to ‘Sales Page 1’ (FF to 12:03)
How to copy & edit ‘Money sales page’ to create ‘Product sales page’ (FF to 13:25)
How to connect ‘Product sales page’ to ‘Sales Page # 1’ (FF to 16:09)
How to copy and edit lead capture page & connect it to ‘Sales Page # 1’ (FF to 17:50)

FF = Fast Forward

NOTE:  At 18:33, I actually would NOT use the same auto-responder campaign for both funnels.
  (I would create a separate auto-responder campaign for each.)