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Have you ever wondered if advertising works?

Obviously the answer is yes but there is a caveat the results may not be as you expect.

Advertising doesn’t always pay for itself immediately.

Standard Brick and Mortar companies spend sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get one customer but that one customer could make the company Hundreds if not Thousands of dollars of each of those customers.

Years ago when I owned a print shop I would do flyers with multiple ads on them for clients quite often the ads seemed ineffective until the same person saw the ad a number of times quite often more than 3 times before the advertiser received any benefit.

Here is an example I ran a solo ad that had a good number of optins about 50% I sold 6 Lead Lightning and had two upgrades to Gold the profit was $36 (6 Lead Lightning Ads at $6 ea.) + $40 (2 Gold Upgrades) = $76 Cost of the ad was $100 so I had an immediate loss of $24 but the following month I received another $40 recurring income so now I was to the plus side by $16 and if those customers remain as Gold Members I would be receiving $40 per month as long as they are members.

Another example is another Solo Ad I ran an ad that the cost was $210 for 300 clicks I received about 16 enroll and for the first about month none that gave me any income 1st month was a $210 Loss OUCH. But then 1 person became active and now after about 2 months I have recovered $155 and expect in the next month to be on the plus side of the $210.

The trick with Solo ads is do you research try to find solo ad vendors that have customers that have received sales and not just optins. It is no good if you get optins only and no sales. I have done that and those Solo ads were out and out losses. Example $100 solo = $100 loss with no joy.

Do you remember the old adage you need money to make money? Just don’t over extend yourself or spend money you don’t have.

Remember always research the company you are going to be promoting there is nothing worse than spending and advertising on a company that is an out and out scam. I have done that and lost valuable money.

Places to get solo ads: Clicks with a Kick and Udimi

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