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Vidgeos – The Next Generation In Video Marketing Technology

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Vidgeos has tech that enables you to craft SMART VIDEOS, which speaks directly to your viewer differently because of location, language, and other metrics.

  • Save money by eliminating costs associated with hiring creative video talent
  • Stunning video in minutes
  • Widen your audience with smart elements that engage
  • Created by marketers for marketers
  • Display the specific country your viewer is in
  • Display the current date
  • Show your viewer’s local time
  • Show the viewer’s city

Make your videos alive with interactive elements. Imagin hyperlinking to affiliate offers or any website.

You can connect directly with your email subscriber personally using their dynamic variables feature. Enabling you to display your subscriber’s name when sending the subscriber directly to your video.

Get the UNLIMITED One-time Payment Offer (NO MONTHLY FEES) NOTE: On their home page, the cost is so much higher—$ 468 per year.

They are offering the special for only $67 at the moment. Not sure if this will be here forever or gone forever but the value is much better than on the home page of the site.

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