Whatever your sticking point for not growing your business is…
 I’m here to suggest it might be something else entirely.

Not enough money?

You could use credit cards or borrow from family. Or you could sell some stuff. Or get a part-time job to build up a little nest egg, quit the job, and start your business.

Don’t you know how to set up the websites and software you need? Hire someone to do it for you.

Don’t you know how to create a product to sell? Hire someone to create it for you.

And on and on.

Just about anything you need for your online business, you can hire someone to create or do it for you.

And if you don’t have the money, there are ways to get it.

So, what’s holding you back from starting or growing your business?

What is holding you back is one little, four-letter word – fear.

Fear of what? The person that knows the answer is you.

But maybe it’s fear of starting. After all, it’s a big project, is that the problem?

Easy solution: Break it down into small steps.

Then do one step every single day.

Maybe it’s fear of failing.

Oooohhh, that’s a BIG one.

You ar,e 100% responsible for the success or failure of your online business.

Is it a success? Good for you!

Is it a failure? No one to blame but yourself.


I’ve got two for you:

  1. Try to fail.

Yes, I know that’s crazy. You’re afraid of failing, so you’re going to TRY TO FAIL? Actually, yes.

We’re talking about a shift in mindset here. Instead of worrying about failure, we’re going to embrace it. After all, most self-made millionaires failed over and over again. It’s because they kept trying that they were so successful.

So embrace failure. Know that it’s your friend and not your enemy. Do everything you can to avoid it, but if it comes knocking, you know your life isn’t going to end.

Instead, you’re going to sit down with failure and discuss how you can avoid him the next time around.

  1. Think it through.

Ask yourself, “What’s the absolutely, positively WORST thing that could happen?”

Oh yeah, that you do the work and don’t make money. That’s it. Your face won’t fall off. Your life won’t be over. The world won’t end.

Yes, maybe you’ll feel some embarrassment. But do you know how many times professional ice skaters fall in their lifetime of learning? Me neither, but I guarantee it’s a BUNCH of times. Do they sit on the ice and cry about it? Maybe.

But then they get back up and start skating again. Failing isn’t death; it’s a learning experience. Embrace failure so that you can succeed.

One more thing.

  1. Start with a proven plan and work from there.

You are much less likely to fail if you take a path that has already proven to get you where you want to go.

So don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, choose something that has been proven time and time again to work – list building, maybe?

And start with that. Then once you taste success, you can begin taking roads less traveled if you want to.


 All those ‘reasons’ for not starting or growing your business almost always boil down to one thing – fear.

It’s so much easier when you get home from your job to park yourself on the porch with a beer or in front of the TV with a bag of chips.

And that little voice of fear in your head will tell you that you should be doing ANYTHING but working on your business.

So take little steps.

Embrace fear.

Start with a proven plan.

And enjoy the ride.

Because once you come out on the other side, you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started.

And you’ll have more confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your choices to continue growing your business into the 6 and 7 figure income you’re dreaming of right now.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

– Brad Paisley

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