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Here’s a tool that’ll help you fix WordPress Speed Issues: WP Optimiser

As you know WordPress sites are just down right slow.

I know that since I have a number.

A big problem with slow is you lose traffic.

Kissmetrics shows that if your web site takes 3 seconds or more to load you lose 50% and more of site visitors and when your site takes 20 seconds or more you will lose around 95% of your visitors. THAT DEVASTATES your sales.

WordPress naturally bloats your database, compiles each page and other things that makes your pages load so slow.

WP Optimiser gives you a number of quick fixes & diagnostics that will help you speed up your WordPress Site what is import is that WP Optimiser addresses the 6 biggest speed issues that plague your site and at best the competitors address only two of these..

To exasperate this serious problem is that for the 52% of mobile users are on slower connections

Here are the issues WP Optimiser helps you solve:


  1. Hosting: Poor Connectivity that Slows Down Your Site
    FIXED: WP Optimiser finds hosting issues
  2. Server: Poor Configuration & Weak Hosting Plans Cause Issues
    FIXED: WP Optimiser diagnoses server configuration problems
  3. Plugins & Themes: Can Cause Load Speed Issues
    FIXED:- WP Optimiser tests theme & plugin load speed
  4. Un-Optimized Graphics: This can definitely slow down your load time and kill bandwidth
    FIXED: WP Optimiser gives you the ability to have lossless auto optimization of site graphics
  5. Bloated Databases:  Takes Processor Power from the Server and makes your site slower
    FIXED: WP Optimiser has the ability to clean up junk
  6. Long Pages: Kills load times and eats up more server resources
    FIXED: WP Optimiser gives users the ability to enable lazy load on any page they wish

By optimizing your sites it will help give you better rankings, better conventions, better user experience, lowering bounce rates and decrease ad spend.

Here’s a tool that’ll help you fix all the issues above: WP Optimiser

This is a must have for any WordPress user.

I have used several optimization tools that help but it seems that WP Opimiser works the best especially if you also get the OTO of Viper Cache.

I hope this information helps you with all your WordPress Sites.