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I am sure you have heard that by offering a bonus for other product sellers to give to their buyers is an excellent way to get a list of customers. 

And that’s true. If your bonus is good enough that the product seller believes it will increase their sales, they might be willing to let your bonus tag along with their product.

You might need to contact 5, 10, or even 20 product sellers to make this happen. Obviously, the better your bonus and the closer it’s tied to the original product, the higher your odds of getting a yes. Having a relationship with the product seller helps immensely, too.

But there is a more natural way to get that coveted “yes” from the product seller, and here it is:

Offer them a complete upsell funnel.

A lot of newer product sellers on Warrior and JVZoo don’t have their own upsells yet.

And because of this, they’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you offer them a complete upsell funnel and let them keep 100% of the profit, you stand an excellent chance of them saying yes.

Your upsell funnel should include a squeeze page offering a good freebie – this will capture product buyers who don’t purchase your upsell.

It should also include a proven product that converts well.

You can add exit splashes, pre-populated forms, bonuses, and trial offers – basically whatever it takes to:

  1. Capture the email addresses of the buyers, regardless of whether or not they accept your upsell
  2. Makes sales for the product seller.

Using this method, you can add hundreds of buyers to your list every week.

And as you know, buyers are worth far more than tire-kickers.

Everyone is happy using this model:

The original product seller is making more money – often twice as much or more.

The product buyer is getting a good deal on your product.

Even if the product buyer doesn’t buy your product, they still get your freebie (remember to make it VALUABLE.)

And you get a list of buyers with small amount of effort on your part.

For maximum success, rinse and repeat as often as you like.