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American Express Open Forum is a collaborative website, on which American Express invites guest authors from a variety of sectors to share their business knowledge and wisdom.

The result of this digital marketing is a content-rich mega-site that’s popular with the search engines–all created without American Express needing to shell out cash to content contributors.

Obviously, you’re not American Express. And you most likely don’t have a household brand like American Express, either.

But if you choose a name that exudes authority, such as “The Water Color Institute” or “Organic Gardening Daily News,” then you should be able to convince tier two and three bloggers and authors to write posts for you in the form of guest blogging.

And once you’ve got plenty of those, then you can go after the tier one experts as well.

Start with a clean looking site with professional graphics and logo. Write or commission some great content of your own to get things rolling and let prospective authors see what your site will be like.

Then start asking. Pretty soon the day will come when experts are asking YOU if they can guest post on your site.