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I have been not sending out newsletters for about 5 months but I am back at it.


  1. Sick of Zoom? Try Clubhouse.
  2. How Digital Marketing 
is Changing in 2021
  3. Imagine an Email Line…

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RESOURCES – Free, Open Source, CC0, or Public Domain

  1. My Ebook Publishing Your First Kindle Book in 30 Days or Less will help you publish your book on Kindle. You can read the ebook on my blog at this is a 62-page book. You may not copy this book it is for your own personal use.
  2. Xmind: Mind Mapping

  3. Thunderbird: Email Client
  4. Alternative to Quickbooks:

  5. Suite CRM: Sell, market & service smarter with SuiteCRM the world’s number 1 Open Source CRM


This TEXT to VOICE is amazing. I have Pro and the pro voices are quite good. This software is amazing

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