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One of the most significant debates when talking to anyone who is doing Internet marketing on the internet is, do I use Free Traffic or Paid Traffic to advertise my offers, products, and opportunities?

The about which to use either Free advertising over Paid advertising is an important question.

One is like a Volkswagen Beetle, and the other is like a Tesla Roadster. Both will get you to your destination, but one will do it faster.

Free advertising has it’s placed and does work, but it does take time, especially if you are too broke to do paid ad campaigns.

Paid traffic gets you instant gratification, but if your message is garbled, you could burn through your cash faster than a bonfire of a thousand, hundred dollar bills. That is why when purchasing traffic by solo ads, PPC, banner ads, and the like, you need to split test, track your results, and start slow. If you find something that works, then you scale up.

The perfect formula for paid traffic is spending $1 and get $1.50 back anything less ok as long as if you spend $1, you get back $1.01, but I am sure you get the point.

A person can brag they made 1 million dollars, which on the surface sounds great, but the reality is it took $1.5 million to get 1 million dollars.

One of the big differences with Free Traffic is that you spend time to get free traffic, and it can take a period of time before you start getting any traffic to your offers. Still, with Paid Traffic, you can get instant gratification traffic is almost immediate.

Be smart; take your time and build a solid business.

One other failure of people is that they don’t need a business plan and an advertising budget.

That is FALSE thinking make a business plan and an advertising budget.

Never give up, keep trying; don’t hop from shiny bobble to shiny bobble. Be consistent. It is hard to track your advertising if you jump all over the place with the next shiny bobble.

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