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You’ve checked out a new product online… you know the one. The author is telling you that he made $33,000 in a month without a list, without contacts, and without thumbs. Or whatever.

You’ve received multiple emails promoting this product and telling you why it’s the BOMB and you MUST buy it or you will be BROKE forever.

Yet you don’t buy it.

Why not?

Grab a sheet of paper and write down the reasons why you didn’t buy it.

Here are some possibilities for your list:

  • You don’t believe the claims
  • There’s no evidence to back the claims
  • You don’t trust the product creator, or you just don’t know him
  • You bought something similar and it was junk
  • You’re too busy working on something else to bother with watching the 27 videos that come with this
  • You’re sure there are going to be a dozen upsells, and you HATE that. I know I HATE so many upsells
  • In the third paragraph, the seller said something that really upset you
  • If the seller is making so much money, why does he need to sell this for nine lousy bucks?
  • Your Momma told you that there’s no such thing as easy money

Or a hundred other possible reasons.

Now then, guess what? Other people have the same exact objections as you do.

Now do one of two things:

First option: BUY the product and review it. Overcome every single objection you had in your email to your list. Do the same on a blog post and send traffic to it. Watch the sales come in.

This is an excellent exercise to sharpen your copywriting chops.


Second option: Create your own product that overcomes every single one of these objections in your sales copy.

Do this every time you promote an affiliate product or create your own products and watch your sales increase. something is, the more they want it.