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There are so many good ideas on growing your business here is a readers digest version.

  1. Very important. Set Goals on what you want to reach (Keep it attainable.) and if you reach that goal then set another one.
  2. Get 5,000 Facebook friends. Post to Facebook about 5 times a day.
  3. Have more than one source of income with a minimum of two that are working well. (Suggestion: Power Lead System each can do it for you.)
  4. Be consistent. Get traffic to your offers using a Marketing System like the Power Lead System. Each week advertise. Remember usually paid traffic that is high quality is best whether it is Solo Ads, PPC’s or some other type of quality advertising. This also goes for social media if you are posting to Twitter, Facebook or others.
  5. Run calculated risk but do it cautiously and wisely. If it works for others it can work for you.
  6. In looking over this it seems that people who run or use systems seem to grow faster! Power Lead System has a number of people in various companies and the ones who have share codes and use the share codes can grow their business faster.
  7. Find a Mentor who cares and will help. They can guide you Step by Step.
  8. Brand yourself. Become the expert. Use video, Social media to get your name out there. You are your business.
  9. BE HONEST. Don’t lie if you want to promote something make sure you are talking from experience not hype. If it works tell them if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to tell them. You will build a following if you are known as an honest person. If there truly is a good system then you will get followers.
  10. Don’t use bad, obscene language. This just shows a lack of vocabulary and you may turn some off by using it.
  11. Don’t be prejudice every person regardless of who they are has a right to be treated in a kind manner. Culture gives spice to life.
  12. Get a blog and find out how to use it this works along with branding yourself.
  13. Just get started. It only takes one foot ahead of the other to start you are only a failure if you don’t begin.

If you have any other suggestions then please let me know and leave a comment.