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The best copywriters in the world do this. Unfortunately, you may never hear about this solution.

It’s so simple. Really, and yet powerful. And once you start doing it, you’ll likely see your sales go up.

Here’s what you do. Take a good look at your product from a prospect’s point of view. Come up with every objection they might have as to why they will not or cannot buy your product.

Write down all of these objections – every single one of them.

And then answer their questions in your sales copy.

For example, might they say you’re charging too much? Outline the potential income and benefits they’ll receive compared to the pittance they’re paying.

Are they afraid it won’t work? Create a money back guarantee that assures them they are taking absolutely, positively no risk, and back it up with plenty of testimonials.

Might they say, it’s too complicated? Show them how easy it is, or provide a ‘done for you’ service.’

This is so simple, yet most marketers never take the time to do it. Just gather all the objections together, overcome each one in your sales copy, and they won’t have a reason left not to buy your product.