I put KashZpresso as a must get product.


I have used a number of flipbook types of products and have never found one this inexpensive and useful. I have Flippingbooks Pro for a desktop computer and it is well over $1,000 for a single seat.

Right now KashZpresso is in launch mode and wow it is good.

The link to the product is: https://powerleadsystem.org/kashzpresso and did I say way less expensive than my Flippingbook’s version.

Here is what my magazine looks like in KashZpress https://kashzpresso.app/posts/internet-marketing-magazine-june-2020-1 this is the flipbook without the viral aspect setup. Just the flipbook.

Here is what my magazine looks like in KashZpress https://kashzpresso.app/posts/internet-marketing-magazine-june-2020 this is the flipbook with the viral aspect setup. Just the flipbook.

Here is the same ebook using the Flippingbook software that is worth $1,199 for one license https://powerleadsystem.org/june2020/

Compare the versions and let me know which one you would like to use.


  • You can drive traffic through done for you traffic capture ability with built-in SEO and social sharing
  • You can drive more and more viral traffic by using the built-in reward-based viral traffic technology
  • You can build a list of buyer traffic for free using the built-in viral technology
  • You can make affiliate commissions automatically when using the build-in follow up system
  • You don’t need your own hosting
  • You don’t even need a domain
  • Very simple to use

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Step-1: Users can take any pdf and then upload it in the KashZPresso app.

This app gives you the option to put an optin form on your PDF that has been turned into a flipbook.

Step-2: Share with the world using one push of a button. When someone visits your pdf and goes to read the document, they’ll see a popup optin form. Upon signing up, they will see an offer to create viral traffic to refer more visitors to the PDF and get additional rewards. So, basically, each visitor sends you more and more traffic.

And more traffic sends more traffic and this continues building you a responsive list.

Step-3: Enjoy the results. For better results than just rinse and repeat using the training, tips, and tricks that are provided and by creating more and more campaigns.

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Summary: This app turns a report into a traffic generation machine.

GET KashZpresso Now https://powerleadsystem.org/kashzpresso

Or at least check it out.


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