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Here is the video sample using the YouTube standard player.

This way, you can compare the difference between using KillerPlayer and YouTube.

Here is the video using KillerPlayer


Great video player for YouTube, removes ads, removes related videos, removes place cards, removes end slides, and removes the YouTube logo.

In my opinion, KillerPlayer is the better choice for Internet Marketing by keeping your viewer focused on your content and website without the chance of the viewer clicking away from your website, capture page, landing page, etc.

I grabbed a YouTube video that would have all of those annoyances.

That’s the link the software is KillerPlayer.

AppSumo is a fantastic site that I use regularly, and I use the software I buy. The software is not that mamby pamby software you get from sites like JVZoo and such but made by companies, not the so-called gurus in the industry.

Yes, if you are new to AppSumo, you will get $10 off your first order and I get a referral of $10 to spend on AppSumo products. It’s a win win for both of us. 🙂

Get KillerPlayer NOW!


Why use AppSumo?  COST!

It costs so much less than buying it on

KillerPlayer Pricing

fantastic site


The AppSumo deal is for the $399 version of Killer Player. AppSumo is only $59, quite a difference. 4623

NOTE: With AppSumo, the deal can expire at any time so if there is a product you want, seriously consider the software before the deal disappears (sometimes forever).

Planned updates coming to KillerPlayer: