That awkward moment when you arrive the second year in a row in an outfit that you haven’t bothered to update. It’s alright if no one remembers it but not quite as fun when your best friend – who has no issue expressing themselves out loud to everyone – reminds you that he/she remembers it well.

That equally awkward moment when you have a favorite item of clothing that you think look great in, but no one has worn hipsters since the early nineties.

You see, fashion is fleeting and if you don’t keep up with the times, you think you look quirky – while the audience, unfortunately, feels that you are simply out of touch, Outdated, and Not listening.

And there’s no difference between this concept and your presence online. One of the major problems I have come across is Internet Marketing entrepreneurs that have set up a website a few years ago, and it might have cost a fortune, or they think it still looks incredible and they don’t need to fix it, unaware that it reduces faith in your ability to know what is currently going on. Because attention to detail is critical and if your website is old and not displaying some of the features that a more updated website of the same ilk is – they will conclude that it is safer to go with them and their products.

Keeping up-to-date is translated as you listening, being current and being interested in what is going on.

For example, long sales scripts – while they still convert well in some cases – are being replaced by shorter more visual means. Videos, infographics and up to date squeeze pages which are well designed for the modern world as an example.

On this note, there are two things to consider with modern and current Internet Marketing.

  1. Update Your Website– It’s mid-2000’s, so your business website shouldn’t look like it’s still stuck in the early 2000s or worse (even if at the time it converted highly.) And it’s about more than just aesthetics. Best practices and web standards are always changing so a regular refresh can help you make sure your website is at the top of its game and not being overshadowed by more contemporary sources.
  2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly– Recent studies have revealed that 80% of local searches on a mobile phone have ended in a purchase. Most people due to better technology and convenience, browse and use their mobile to do everything If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and is difficult for the user to open or look through, they will click off and go to someone who can serve their needs for speed and ease. You are missing out on these local consumers when you refuse to move with the times.

Finally, just like fashion, nothing ever stays the same. You will look back at the hairdo you are wearing now proudly one day and think how crazy you were. Don’t let your customers’ feel that way about you right now because simple modern tweaks can raise your profile immeasurably and it’s not overly costly to do so. Just put the time in because that will translate as effort and expertise.




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