SplashTech 3.0 is free (3 links/pages are free if you want more then there is an optional upgrade option.) So Cool and useful too.

Here is a free solution for all those using Lead Lightning that are Lead Lightning members only, it is a free ‘splash page creator’ (up to 3 pages) and below you will see the instructions that you can use. The instructions are explained in the video.

  1. Select which Headline you would like to use:
    #1:  Leverage $7 Into Thousands Monthly
    #2:  New $7 Funnel Creating Buyer Frenzy
  2. Here is the embed code that you need to copy and paste:
    <iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/7Jjeq57yjK0?rel=0&amp;controls=0&amp;showinfo=0&amp;autoplay=1″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>
  3. Select the referral link you want to promote:
    A: Referral Link  http://www.gofunnel.com/USERNAME
    B: Referral Link http://www.mytopfunnel.com/USERNAME

The above link is for Lead Lightning Members only the links would not apply to Power Lead System Gold Members since you can create your own unique link that will not have a problem with Facebook.

The LINK IS:  http://instantsplash.com/signup.php?ref=details and yes that is my affiliate link.

NOTE: I am at present a FREE MEMBER of SplashTech 3.0 so I am making nothing off the affiliate system as of the writing of this article.

Below is a bit more about SplashTech 3.0

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Here is my referral link:

And yes you can join for free.

Here are the Landing pages they have to promote the system.

Some are way cool like this one, Love the video on this page. http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=4763

The other pages:

  1. Stand Out http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=4754
  2. Feel Young This is the above cool link love this video on this page http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=4763
  3. Sunset http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=5232
  4. Your Blog http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=5248
  5. Beach http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=5300
  6. Simple http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=6204
  7. Boom!!! http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=6860
  8. Back 2 Basics http://instantsplash.com/view.php?ref=details&id=7885



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