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Whoa! I know what you’re thinking, that writing and publishing a book in 30 days is crazy, insane, not possible, etcetera.

But here’s something you might not know, people, do it all the time.

First, there is no length requirement for an electronic book such as those you find on Amazon’s Kindle.

If 30 pages are enough to get across the information, then 30 pages are all you need.

Second, Amazon is one of the biggest search engines in the world, as well as the #1 digital retailer in the world.

They already have the customers.

All you need to do is provide the product, which in this case is a Kindle book.

Choose a topic that people are interested in.

The first one that comes to mind is how best to survive and thrive during a pandemic, but there are thousands of other possibilities.

If you’re an expert at something, or if you have a particular interest in a topic that interests others, then you’ve got a great head start.

Do your research online and write your book in your own voice.

Your goal here is to help your reader achieve an outcome or solution, such as learning how to do something.

And above all else, do not be boring.

Add your own interesting stories and charisma to the book to make it informative and entertaining.

Think of the teachers and professors you’ve had over the years.

If you had them all teach the same material, wouldn’t you agree that some of them would still be more interesting and entertaining than others?

Be that fun teacher who makes the topic sing.

If you can’t type or you just don’t want to, use transcription software such as Rev.

Get your cover done by a graphic artist on Fiverr or

And get your book formatted at

Do some research online to learn how to launch a book and make it a bestseller.

Generally, you’ll be spending about the same amount of time promoting your book as you do writing it.

With the right concept and great initial promotion, your book may continue to make sales without further promotion for a good long time.

Then rinse and repeat.

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