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Moto: Be Consistent and Be Real.

What is my strategy when it comes to making money online?

First and foremost I use the Power Lead System – $53.97 per month I now have been using this system to pay for bills. The Power lead System is my first long term business for internet marketing that gives you all the tools. I have been working this one since it opened (2014) a few years back. I started making a consistent income about a year after I joined PLS.  PLS is a true business in a box.

The next thing you need to find is a feeder opportunity. A feeder opportunity is one that gets you money so you can use it to build other opportunities.

First successful feeder that used the profits from was Traffic Token and I used the profits to Purchase Mining from Genesis Mining and other test opportunities.

I have now been pulling the profits to my PayPal account for bills.

So on to the next thing.

I purchased Mining from Genesis Mining with the profits from Traffic Token. Now Mining is a slow but stable way of making money. What happened is that my mining at the beginning was mining Bitcoin at about $1k per coin and now Bitcoin is over $7k so it has in a sense helped me grow more profits.

Now I have been taking the money I have been making from Genesis Mining and moving it into FutureNet so this is the next program I am building and building right now. My goal is to build FutureNet to 1 ad pack per day and get the Awards tree to Royal, I figure that will take about another 4-6 months.

When FutureNet is making consistent money and I reach my goal then I will stop taking the profits from Genesis Mining and then using the profits from Genesis Mining for living life.

In the future once FutureNet is at that point that it reached my goals for it I will move to another program and then bring it to a profitable point and then go on to another opportunity that I researched. Now as I watch what is going on I will try to follow some other opportunities to see which ones will be stable since most fail within 1-2 years which means for the next choice I watch to see without engaging.

So how is this done:

By Focusing on the Basics EVERY DAY.

Helpful tips:

  5. Research Opportunities to see how stable they are. Don’t fall for the ones that are too good to be true. I have and lost thousands on bad opportunities
  6. Set up the Power Lead System (PLS). PLS is a marketing tool set that you can use for any product or opportunity
  7. Within the PLS there is training for marketing in the form of videos and webinars. Take your time and learn as much as you can. The Wednesday Night Hangout is an Overview on how you can earn using the Power Lead System. The Thursday Night Hangout is an Internet Marketing Training course
  8. Set up a funnel that promotes your primary business or PLS
  9. Get Traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business
  10. Follow up on the leads you are getting from the PLS funnels that you are promoting
  11. Invite to your Facebook and sales videos
  12. Create a Blog. I use this blog and others why because blogging works silly. Blogging is a long term strategy
  13. Make a YouTube channel and make videos every day for YouTube and Facebook
  14. Take a vacation to clear your mind every so often
  15. Join My Team to get information you need to succeed. My links will be in the resource section below

Use a simple system that can be duplicated.

Below is a Video to give You a Daily Successful Profit Plan – Short less than 2 minutes but has invaluable information.



  1. Power Lead System – Signup page for a 7 Day Free Trial
  2. Genesis Mining – Genesis Mining and use code: 9c4pLH for a 3% discount on mining since mining is the way to go.
  3. FutureNet / FutureNet Pro Overview of the FutureNet Opportunities FutureNet is free to join
    [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”czmrgIbThgo&rel=false” width=”640″ height=”360″ auto_thumb=”1″ alt=”FutureNet Training Academy #01 – October 2017″]
  4. Traffic Token I am putting here only since I referenced it but it may or may not work for you. – Click Here for Traffic Token (There are better traffic sources out there)
  5. Udimi – Solo Ads (Never buy Solo ads on the weekend. It would be just a waist of money the above daily tip video touches on the approx. time best for sending out solo ads) CLICK HERE to Explore
  6. Watch the basic 4 training videos that will get you fired up in Internet Marketing: Watch the Basic Series Click Here 
  7. Watch the Complete Set of the Advanced Marketing Training Series from the beginning: Click Here to watch the complete set of Advanced Marketing Videos
  8. Watch the Wednesday Night Power Lead System Webinar Live Wednesday Nights 10:00pm Eastern Time Zone. CLICK HERE
  9. Watch the Thursday Night Internet Marketing Training Webinar Live at 10:00pm Eastern Time Zone. CLICK HERE

Some Cool Tools:

  1. One-click signup buttons inside your tweets
  2. BeLive – Engage your audience on Facebook Live with an amazing live broadcast – Free version available –
  3. Photoshop 3D Cover Actions –
  4. Excellent Online too for creating graphics –

Just so you know this is the beginning but I hope it has helped you out in some way.

Please contact me if you would some more information.