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The #1 Way to Cure Email Delete-itus and Get Your Emails READ

 Your prospect opens your email, reads the first few sentences, and then DELETES your email IN FRUSTRATION.


Because your first few sentences didn’t match the subject line, and it confused and frustrated them.

The email felt like a waste of time…

Like maybe the subject line was clickbait.

It’s like opening the door to a chocolate shop and finding lawnmowers when YOU WERE PROMISED CHOCOLATE!

“Where’s the chocolate?”

“This can’t be the right place. Let’s get out of here!”

I just opened an email that promised… “How to get budget approval for copywriting school.”

Yes, this was written not just by a copywriter but by someone who TEACHES COPYWRITING.

And yet the first 33 lines of that email don’t say a word about getting budget approval for copywriting school (I kid you not!)

Halfway through the email, the writer finally states:

So what’s getting in the way of you joining 9 gazillion (my number) copywriters and marketers in my fantastic copywriting school?

Most likely:

Budget approval.

Chop off the entire first half of the email, start with these three lines and then go from there, and it could be an effective email.

But what did I do when I first received this email? After reading several lines that appeared unrelated to the subject line, I closed it.

Then I reopened it and scrolled down because I thought this could make a good lesson for all of us.

As I was scrolling, I found a totally unrelated large gif of a woman closing her eyes and shaking her head. Guess what? That only confused me more.

We shouldn’t have to rewrite emails written by someone who teaches copy.

And yet, here we are.