Imagine a squeeze page that takes you 20 minutes to put together, including the lead magnet.

Imagine this page converts at something close to 71%.

And now imagine you can buy unlimited traffic to your squeeze page because the paid traffic pays for itself.

How many new subscribers would you like today? This week? This year?

The key to a high-converting squeeze page is to offer something so outstanding, and people are more than eager to enter their email address to get that prized item.

You could offer an outstanding resource of some kind, a huge bundle of books, or maybe a hot plugin or piece of software.

Or… what if you take a product you have lying around, such as a course you’ve been selling for $197, and offer a coupon for a 90% discount on that course? Of course, you need their email address to send them the coupon, so it just makes sense they would fill out your form to get it.

Then you send them to the actual sales page with their coupon. They get to see that everyone else is paying $197 while they’re only paying $19. That should make them pretty happy AND immediately set you up as an authority in their eyes since it is your course they’re buying.

Don’t have a big product of your own? Use quality PLR and a weekend to create one.

The point is to have a REAL product that sells for a high price and then offer a crazy discount coupon like 90% or 95% off.

People enter their email address to get the coupon.

Some of them use that coupon to buy the course immediately. Others purchase the course sometime during the following week, as you remind them that their coupon is expiring soon and they’re going to miss the deal of a lifetime.

Now you’ve got new subscribers and enough income to continue buying traffic for as long as you choose because the purchases of your course – even at 90% off – are paying for the advertising.

Just remember the deal you’re offering has to be irresistible to new subscribers. Your goal here isn’t to make money. It’s to pay for the advertising that’s building your list.

Once they’re on your list, you can start making a profit when offering them other products.

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