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1. Create your Twitter opt-in with just a few clicks

2. Connect it to your autoresponder – we support them all:

3. Publish on Twitter – works on every account & device!

Here is your link to get Tweetland:

Quick “Q&A” about TweetLead.

Q: How does it work exactly?

A: Here’s an image that explains it (same that I sent you yesterday):

Here is a short video demo to show you how it works:

(1 minute video)

Summarized it means that you can create Tweets that will collect your followers’ email addresses once they click on the tweet (there’s no need to enter their email addresses).

Q: Does this work on mobile?

A: Yep, 100%. See the video above (see video above).

Q: How is that possible exactly?

A: It uses a feature from the Twitter Ads environment that everyone is allowed to use. However, without TweetLead there’s no way to connect that technology with your autoresponder (Aweber, Mailchimp, etc).

Q: Is my autoresponder support?

A: Most of the autoresponders are already supported. If yours isn’t, then please let us know so we can add it (that’s why we’re in beta, remember?).

Q: Why do I need to refer 5 of my friends?

We’re currently giving away this tool for free, but we’re planning on making this a paid tool. If we’d give *everyone* access for free, we’d be out of business before we started… not to mention our servers would probably melt down – which is why we want to grow slowly.

That’s why we added the “invite 5 people” restriction to it.

Hope that explains 🙂

Q: So how do I get access?

All you need to do is invite your friends to your personal URL.

Here is your link to get Tweetland:

Once 5 friends signed up through your personal link, you’ll automatically get an email with your login details to TweetLead.

So if you want to get access ASAP:

1 – Share your personal link on Facebook by clicking here.

2 – Share your personal link on Twitter by clicking here.

3 – Mail it to some friends who’ll like this also by clicking here.

4 – If needed, repeat until 5 people signed up (we’ll email you every time someone signs up through your link)