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What are the 7 Web Conversion Goals?

I’m sure you know the first one on this list, but sometimes we lose sight that there is more we can be doing with our visitors than just selling them products.

#1 Making a Purchase

This is the most well-known and sought-after website conversion. You might be selling a product or service, but either way, your goal is to get the sale.

#2 Submitting a Form

This might be for a service request, signing up for a seminar, a limited-offer promotion, a free trial, and so forth. Remember that the more fields you ask them to fill out, the lower the response rate you will usually get.

#3 Signing Up for a Newsletter or Updates

Customers are either asked for their email to subscribe to a newsletter, or their mobile number to receive SMS alerts. Sometimes you have to work as hard to get someone to subscribe as you do to get them to buy.

Treat your squeeze page/landing page as a short sales letter with dynamite bullet points, and you should see your conversions increase.

#4 Clicking Buttons

This could either be a download, a link to an external site, or lead users to the checkout page. While we think about getting people to purchase, we sometimes forget that first, we have to tell them to click the button to add to cart or go to the next page. Calls to action are important because they almost invariably increase every kind of conversion.

#5 Signing up for an Account

This might be to gain access to a forum or exclusive content. If you keep your best content accessible only to subscribers with plenty of awesome teasers on the sign-up page, you can likely grow your email list a lot faster than simply by offering a one-time lead magnet.

Try offering two or three articles for free to give visitors a taste, and then they must sign up with their email address to read more. Or give them the first couple of paragraphs and cut them off when the content gets good to get them to sign-up.

#6 Clicking Share Buttons

These are usually icons that need a click from your visitor to instantly share your content to any of the following major social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat. Remember to always, always, always ask for the share.

#7 Installing an App

Give businesses a REASON to get your app. Often all a business says is, “Get our app!” without mentioning what that app will do for the consumer. But if you can say that with the app they get extra discounts, special treatment or secret content, they’ll have a reason to say yes.

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