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This is an interesting question. Message or the beauty of a page.

First if the page looks really bad then you may have lower results if the page looks really good your results may be lower.

Reasons a poorly designed page turns people off because it look bad and if this is such a great deal then why didn’t the person take the time to make it look better or he didn’t have the money that he is claiming to get the page done professionally.

Design that is too slick may say this is too expensive. Can I really afford this product/opportunity?

Try for a design down the middle.

But is design the reason why people buy? No.

It is the copy.

Strong copy is what sells the individual / lead on that you are doing.

Don’t hype the copy too much it may sound unbelievable.

Always tell the truth. I know this may go against the grain of many out their but the old saying is honesty is the best policy.

Don’t use made up testimonials, fake statistics, or say something just to make the sale because if you do your attrition most likely be high. Plus it is illegal to use lies. Unfortunately over the years many MLM distributors over exaggerated their earnings and at times were more broke than the person they are trying to entice into their system or opportunity.

I know since I have been in a few and never attained any real money or lost money in those opportunities.

Side Note: I have found a couple of things that work for me. If you are curious what those are then just contact me and I will tell you what they are.

Here is a tool that is fantastic for you to use since it analyzes your headline

This will help you find the wording that is great for you message you want to present.

Capturing leads is at times a trial and error method. So keep it up and keep testing until you find a winner.

So strong copy is a winner in the contest between copy and design.

Hopefully this helps.

Leave a comment if it does.