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There is a new funnel that highlights Ace & Rich and the updated trial which is $1.00 for 14 days.

CLICK HERE to see this page live.

The page the redirect goes to after filling in the form is a page where you hear about how Ace & Rich were able to make a success of the Power Lead System. CLICK HERE for the link to this page and see it live.

The page features a video. Countdown timer and when the timer stops a button appears that says, YES, I WANT FREEDOM FOR $1.00.

What is now making the Power Lead System more exciting is that there will be more coaching and training.

Check out what is new:

Attending live training before entering PLS back office is highly recommended.

  • Orientation of your PLS system
  • Where to get your links to market your PLS pages
  • Which pages and funnels to choose for different markets
  • Marketing 101 – Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Marketing Curriculum and training calls
  • Staying Compliant with the FTC & the Law
  • How to make your first $1,000 commissions fast
  • How to maximize profits from your new PLS business

The training will be on Zoom and then uploaded to the Facebook group for the Power Lead System.

The training will be approximately 3 times per week.

Also if you become a member of the Power Lead System I can help you to achieve success.