What, write an ebook in just 10 days? Too many feel that this is an impossible task.

I will show you today how you can exactly do that process.

The task of creating, writing, and selling an ebook is much simpler today than most people think

In fact, it can be one of the best side-hustles you can start this year.

With the ability to write ebooks, you can grow and create a business for digital publishing.

Creating ebooks has been around for many years now since the writing of books has no end why don’t you build a business model around creating and selling information products such as ebooks, videos, audio courses, membership sites, and such.

First, you need to begin with an ebook. To begin with, you would want to break down the process into SMALL, MANAGEABLE TASKS.

STEP #1 – Brainstorm a List of Plausible Topics and Write it Out

What is needed is to understand how to break a huge project into actionable easy to accomplish tasks.

Consider what you are already good at, what you love doing, this may be something that is about your job or your hobby.

>One key is if you love and are passionate about the subject then the better the ebook will turn out.

When starting do some brainstorming to get ideas rolling for the subject you want to write about.

Once you have a topic you want to use for your ebook, then write or type out the ideas you have and keep them flowing. When your ideas are down you can weed out the good and bad ideas at a later time.

With your rough list completed NOW thin it down to 12 ideas or topics.

Step #2 – Subtopics

Since you now have 12 topics you have selected to use for your ebook. Take those 12 ideas and break them into chunks.

Take one of the 12 topics and list out four subtopics under that main topic. What happens now is that you have one topic with 4 subtopic points that are going to make up a chapter.

One Chapter will be like this.

Main Topic #1

  1. Subtopic #1 – Content
  2. Subtopic #2 – Content
  3. Subtopic #3 – Content
  4. Subtopic #4 – Content

Continue this process until you get all 12 main topics with 4 subtopics finished.

Now you have 12 topics X 4 which equals 48 pages and when you add in the introduction and conclusion pages you have a minimum of 50 pages.

Since the topics are now broken down into subtopics this section has been completed.

The next question is, “How can I turn the topics into a finished ebook in 10 days?”

Step #3 – Work on 5 Subtopics each Day until finished

By writing each day five subtopics you can complete the writing of an ebook in just 10 days.

Each day pick out five of the subtopics you would like to write about.

Important write 1 page of content per subtopic.

By choosing the order of the subtopics you want to write about you write about whatever inspires you that day.

This will keep you motivated to finish the ebook within the 10-day period.

Yup, that’s all it takes for you to write a 50-page ebook.

Just think if you want to write a 20-page (free) report or lead magnet with this method you can have it ready in 4 days.

So start today and start writing your masterpiece.

Step #4 – Layout Your ebook with a Publishing Tool

Now that you have written your ebook, you need to make it look the best you can by making the ebook look professional and making it into a format that is publishable.

One publishing tool is Sqribble which allows you to layout your ebook in a way the ebook looks GOOD.

Sqribble has hundreds of great templates you can choose to make quick work of your layout. Plus it is easy to use.

Scribble Software Demo

Scribble is easy to use you just load in your document and generate a high-quality ebook the amount of time to create the PDF/ebook is approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Step #5 – Publishing the ebook

Now what do you do with your ebook?

There are several uses for your ebook you can use it as a lead magnet, sell the ebook, or give it away for free. Although people would prefer to monetize the ebook so they can make money from the ebook.

One way to monetize the ebook is to offer  the ebook on a publishing platform where you can sell it. There are numerous places to publish an sell your ebook.

The largest and very popular is selling the ebook as either an actual book or as an ebook using Amazon Kindle Diret Publishing.

A couple of other references would be Apple iBooks Author and Smashwords these are also popular choices when selling your ebook.

Step #6 – Marketing your ebook

As you know it pays to spen time writing a high quality ebook, also putting energy into marketing will too have benefits.

One way of making money and this is also important is to let people know about your ebook.

Your marketing could be very inexpensive by using Social Media this form of marketing is worth setting up and creating accounts in a professional way on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TickTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Creating a website with your writing portfolio could be a great way of getting your ebook out there. Remember to link to where to buy your ebook.

Have you ever thought of contacting book clubs directly and see if they may be interested reading your ebook albeit at a discounted price.


Doesn’t it sound like a simple way of starting a business overnight but it does take time and effort just like any other business you have to be CONSISTANT and CONSTANTLY working on the business, Persistenc and being Patient Pays.

When you have a tool like Sqribble you can speed up the process by focusing on making high quality content for your reader.

Remeber that content is what sells the ebook along with the cover. If you deliver the content that is valueable to the reader you will have an avid customer to purchase your next ebook.

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